XO, Kitty is Netflix’s newest swoon-worthy teen romcom. The series is a spinoff from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before universe, following Lara Jean’s little sister Kitty as she navigates love and relationships after transferring to KISS University in South Korea. Most of the actors are complete newcomers, including Sang Heon Lee, who plays Min Ho, and Gia Kim, who plays Yuri. However, fans were shocked to hear that the two actors are actually siblings IRL! Keep reading to meet the newcomers.

Are ‘XO, Kitty’ Stars Sang Heon Lee and Gia Kim Related?

The duo — who both play Kitty’s potential love interests, might we add — are actually siblings IRL!

The cast of XO, Kitty apparently didn’t know that fun tidbit until they started filming, either. Choi Min-yeong, who plays Dae, revealed to Teen Vogue how the cast found out their costars were siblings, explaining the rest of the actors were confused when Sang Heon Lee asked to add his sister Gia to their group chat.

“I was like, ‘What?’ Of course, I want to meet my cast’s family too, but not on the first day and not in our first meeting,'” he recalled. ” [Then] Sang Heon was like, ‘Oh, actually, she’s playing Yuri.’ And then I was like, ‘What?!'”

The siblings were both born in Seoul, South Korea, but they grew up in Hong Kong, with Sang Heon Lee attending an international school there. Fans quickly noticed that both actors have different accents, due to attending different schools while growing up.

Gia spent time in Los Angeles after attending the University of Hong Kong, where she studied acting at the Art of Acting Studio. As for her younger brother, Sang heon Lee went on to study Performing Arts at the University of Northampton in England.

In an interview with Her Campus, Gia explained that Hong Kong is her “second hometown.”

“Hong Kong will always have my heart,” Gia told the outlet May 2023. “When people think of Hong Kong, they think of a concrete jungle, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers — and it is that, but then there’s actually a lot of nature in Hong Kong too.”

Who Do Sang Heon Lee and Gia Kim Play In ‘XO, Kitty’?

The cast of XO, Kitty also includes Anna Cathcart as Kitty, Choi Min-yeong as Kitty’s long-distance boyfriend Dae. Anthony Keyvan as Q, Peter Thurnwald as Alex, Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison and Regan Aliyah as Juliana.

Sang Heon Lee plays Min Ho, a wealthy student at KISS university who can be a bit of a, well, jerk. Often teasing Kitty, Min Ho slowly starts to develop feelings for her, despite her being in a relationship with his best friend, Dae.

As for Gia, her character Yuri is also a wealthy student at KISS. Throughout the series, she partakes in a fake relationship with Dae in order to hide the fact that she is queer. At the end of the 10 episodes, Kitty soon starts to catch feelings for Yuri.

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