Anna Cathcart is partnering with an iconic brand: Bomb Pop!

While chatting with J-14 over the phone, the XO, Kitty star spoke about her recent collaboration, season 2 of XO, Kitty and the expanding Jenny Han Universe (the JHU, if you will). Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Anna!

Anna’s newest collaboration with Bomb Pop is an adorable spectacle of color, as she introduced its first-ever, limited edition flavor Unicorn Wonder — a combination of pink lemonade, sweet berry and frosted cupcake flavors.

“It’s so good. It’s creamier than a regular ice pop too, which is an exciting surprise,” she told J-14 exclusively. “I’ve honestly probably eaten way too many of them at this point,” she joked, before explaining how excited she was to partner with a company that has so many “good memories” attached to it for her.

“I think it’s such a symbol of fun and summer and enjoying the good times with your friends,” she continued, adding that those “good times” don’t just translate to the summertime.

bomb pop
Bomb Pop – Unicorn Wonder Bomb Pop

“I kind of came up with this concept that every season is Bomb Pop season because like I just said, it’s just so kind of summer [vibes], but it also can totally be like an all-year round thing,” she explained. “Especially because I live somewhere where it’s not always summertime and it’s often cold, but literally at any given time, this is something that you can enjoy.”

ICYDK, the Netflix actress stars in XO, Kitty, a spinoff starring her character Kitty Covey from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Based on the book series written by Jenny Han, the author worked as the creator and co-producer for Kitty’s spinoff.

Netflix announced season two of the show was in the works in June 2023 — and Anna’s “dying to find out what’s next for Kitty” in season 2 as much as fans are.

“To be honest, I don’t know all of the details there, and I’m also dying to find out what’s next for Kitty and where these characters are gonna take us,” she revealed. “I’m really, really excited to continue this journey and I’m so excited to just like get back to making it and getting to be with this character again and be with all of my classmates. So I honestly can’t share too much because I genuinely don’t know that much about it, but it definitely is coming and people can start getting excited, for sure.”

Another Jenny Han book-turned-TV-series includes The Summer I Turned Pretty, starring Lola Tung — whom Anna says has been “so cool” to connect with.

lola tung anna cathcart
Instagram/Jenny Han

“It’s so unique to have somebody else that understands so much of our experiences,” she said of her friendship with Lola. “And getting to, of course, have different experiences with our shows, but they’re in the same world and they’re in that same universe like you said, and it’s so cool to be able to connect on that and kind of have a community surrounding it.”

The XO, Kitty actress also revealed her unique connection with Lola is similar to that of Lana Condor, who played Kitty’s older sister Lara Jean in To All the Boys.

“I saw her a few months ago briefly and I hadn’t seen her in person in so long,” she said of Lana, “and getting to follow in her footsteps is so exciting and to know that both of these women, all of these girls kind of have this sense of like, I think we’re all kind of in one team and that we all understand where, what each other have been through and in a certain sense.”

Anna also revealed she’s in a group chat with the female cast members from To All the Boys and XO, Kitty, where they often exchange news with one another and share advice.

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“It’s so cool to see that this, there’s still a community from this project and from the show,” she said. “I just feel so grateful that, especially when I started the first To All the Boys movie, I was [in my] first year of high school. I was in a very impressionable age and impressionable time of my life [and was] surrounded by so many incredible women that were such good role models.”

She added, “I look back now and like, notice how much of an impact it had on me in such a positive way that was so incredible.”

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