Kitty Covey is headed back to your TV screens in the near future! Anna Cathcart will be starring in a To All the Boys spinoff series, titled Xo, Kitty.

“There are so many things I want to tell everybody,” the actress told J-14 of the show in August 2022 while promoting her partnership with LEGO DOTS. “I just want to share the whole story and want people to watch it. I’m also just dying to see it, because I haven’t seen any cuts of it yet. So, I’m just like dying to see anything.”

While the actress stayed tight-lipped about the series, she did share that “Kitty is in high school now.” Anna added, “It’s a very different time of her life, because we’ve seen her in middle school when [it’s] the dynamic of her as a little sister and her with her family and in her house. Now, it’s her dynamic with the world and with her friends and her path. So, it’s definitely a very different environment that we’ve never seen Kitty before.”

The show takes place in the To All the Boys universe, however, “a lot of time has passed” since Lara Jean’s (Lana Condor) story ended and Kitty’s begins.

“Obviously, she’s just in a very different stage, but she goes to Korea for boarding school. So, that’s the main thing I can share,” Anna explained to J-14. “Most things past that, I can’t really say too much. But year, it’s her adventure in Korea and her adventure of just figuring out who she is in high school.”

Netflix confirmed in October 2021 that Anna would be reprising her role for the spinoff series. “Cat’s out of the bag, or should I say kitty,” the actress captioned her Instagram announcement at the time. “@netflix grab your helmets kids, this is gonna be a wild ride.”

According to Deadline, Kitty’s series is set for 10 episodes, and is the first show to come from a Netflix original film. The author of the To All the Boys novels, Jenny Han, will serve as the co-showrunner for Xo, Kitty.

Prior to the streaming service’s official confirmation, multiple outlets reported in March 2021 that the spinoff series was on the way. The speculation came nearly a month after the final film in the fan-favorite franchise premiered via Netflix in February 2021.

Scroll through our gallery to see what we know about Xo, Kitty so far. 

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