Getting the Covey sisters back together! Anna Cathcart “would be happy” if To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before costars Lana Condor and Janel Parrish appeared in her upcoming Netflix series XO, Kitty.

“I can’t say too much,” the actress, 19, teases to J-14 exclusively while promoting her collaboration with LEGO DOTS.

Anna starred alongside Lana and Janel in the three To All the Boys movies, which premiered on Netflix between 2018 and 2021. Following the final film, it was announced that Anna’s character, Kitty, would get her own spinoff series taking place in South Korea. While it’s unclear exactly if Lana and Janel would be reprising their roles as Lara Jean and Margot, respectively, Anna still looks to her onscreen sisters for advice.

“Before I went to Korea, when things were just starting, [Lana] had texted me saying that she totally understands how much responsibility this brings in the best way as well all the opportunities that it brings and how it’s, honestly, an honor to get to be in this position of getting to lead a show,” the young star shares. “It’s still mind-boggling to me that I got an opportunity to do this.”

Anna Cathcart Says She ‘Would Be Happy’ to Have ‘To All the Boys’ Costars Appear in ‘XO, Kitty’
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She adds, “Lana definitely understands this position to be in, and I’ve never really done it before. So, it meant a lot to have her to turn to and to have the whole cast of the original movies, like Madeleine [Arthur] as well Sarayu [Rao], who played Trina, and just everyone to turn to. To have someone that understood it and who understood this world. It meant a lot. They’re the best.”

Anna says that the older actresses have since become “like big sisters in real life.” She adds, “It was amazing to have them.”

Other than XO, Kitty, Anna has announced her partnership with LEGO DOTS to “create three different posters that all represent a different aesthetic, and all of them are customizable with LEGO DOTS and LEGO DOTS patches.” The actress explains that the partnership came about after she “grew up loving LEGO products and LEGO group and LEGO friends and all their different lines.” Anna explains that this “different type of LEGO” is all “about creativity and self-expression and customizability.”

When showing off her posters, Anna loves the “Bold and Vibey” one the best because she loves “retro and vintage vibes.” She explains that the record player featured in the poster is “actually inspired by the record player in my room and my love of music and just, different types of performance and creativity.”

“There are no rules about LEGO DOTS because there’s no specific designs that you need to make. There’s no instruction manual. You just do what feels right to you and it’s so much fun,” Anna adds, saying that her aesthetic is “always, kind of, changing,” which embodies the qualities of LEGO DOTS. “Nothing’s permanent because you can just click them in and click them out, and redesign all the time. So, you can just be making changes, which is so fun because I feel like your passions and your likes change as well. So LEGO DOTS can change with you, which I love.”

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