After Zendaya and Jenna Ortega broke the internet after posing together at the 2023 SAG Awards, everyone was dying to know if the two powerhouse actors who got their start on Disney Channel, were friends IRL. Keep reading to uncover friendship details.

Are Zendaya and Jenna Ortega Friends?

Outside of the photo with the two posed together looking super friendly at the SAG Awards in February 2023, Zendaya and Jenna have not really been spotted together before.

However, Jenna has spoken about the Euphoria actress in an old interview which has been shared on Twitter, calling her someone she admired and “looked up to.”

“She’s such a great role model for young girls,” the former child actor said. “She works hard, and she just seems incredibly sweet. I’ve actually met her before and she was sweet to me,” she said. “I’ve only heard nice things about her. And she’s awesome, I love her.”

This wasn’t the first time the Wednesday actress spoke about Zendaya, either! In 2018, after being asked by Just Jared Jr. on which famous person she would pick to be her close friend, she responded with the Spider-Man actress!

“She’s funny, cool, and a really good role model,” Jenna said of Zendaya. “I would wanna have a sleepover at her house, it looks dope! We could dance, eat ice cream, ya know. All the fun stuff.”

Are Zendaya and Jenna Ortega Friends IRL? See Inside the Disney Alum's Friendship
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29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Roaming Show, Los Angeles, California, USA – 26 Feb 2023

Zendaya and Jenna Ortega Quotes on Disney Days

ICYMI, Zendaya was pretty much the queen of Disney Channel back in the day. From starring on Shake It Up alongside Bella Thorne and then K.C. Undercover from 2015 to 2018, the actress also starred in multiple Disney movies such as Zapped and Frenemies.

“The thing is, I am [a Disney kid]. And to a degree, I am grateful for that,” Zendaya said during a January 2021 interview with Variety. “That’s where I started, and I learned so much from that experience.”

For her part, Jenna starred in the Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle as the character Harley Diaz, and voiced Princess Isabel in the Disney Channel animated television series Elena of Avalor.

Jenna spoke about her transition from working on Disney Channel to booking more dramatic roles, such as Netflix’s Wednesday, in an interview with Complex in March. “I think it’s kind of weird because it’s happened all organically in a sense,” she explained. “I do remember leaving Disney Channel being really nervous because it was really hard to get into audition rooms. My main goal has always been film.”

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