Asher Angel‘s new music video for his song “Chemistry” is out now – and if you haven’t already seen it you’re seriously missing out. We caught up with the Andi Mack star to chat about the music video, and he let us in on a ton of behind-the-scenes secrets – from his real “chemistry” with Annie LeBlanc to what went into rehearsals. Check it out!

J-14: Annie LeBlanc stars in the music video – how did that come to be?

Asher Angel: Annie invited me to be in her music video, but I was unable to because I was shooting Shazam! in Toronto. Although we never hung out before the video, she was on my mind following the compliment of her invitation. 

J-14: Did working on this music video together make you closer – how so?

AA: Of course. We spent the entire day laughing and getting to know each other. 

J-14: Were there any behind-the-scenes blooper moments?

AA: Indeed – all filled with us laughing and smiling. The vibe was great, the people in front of and behind the camera were great and it made for a great day.

asher angel

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J-14: What was the rehearsal process like – does dancing come as naturally to you as singing does?

AA: We rehearsed for a week prior to the shoot. All props go to my friend and choreographer Kylie Bronk.  She makes dance natural, and the week went fast. 

J-14: Tell us about the wardrobe – did you have a hand in picking the outfits you rocked in the video? Did you get to keep anything?

AA: Wardrobe was a collaborative effort with the whole team and the stylist – Robiat Balogun really hit it out of the park. Once we settled on the location and theme, it was just a matter of finding a way to bring the right energy and vibe. I didn’t keep the clothes but definitely held onto the shoes. 

J-14: Can you spill any behind-the-scenes tidbits about the making of the video that fans might not know when watching?

AA: We filmed at The Peppermint Club in LA. The night before Stevie Wonder was in there performing a live set. Stevie Wonder… an icon… so cool.

Watch Asher’s music video for “Chemistry” below!

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