Asher Angel says there’s “definitely” an album coming in 2024! The Disney alum spoke to J-14 exclusively in February 2024, where he spoke about his latest single “Flip the Switch,” growing up as a Disney kid and revealed whether or not he still speaks to his former Andi Mack costars!

Keep reading for our exclusive Q&A with Asher. 

J-14: Tell us your latest single, “Flip the Switch.”

Asher: I’d say these last two years I’ve just been in the studio kind of fine-tuning my voice and figuring out what I want to put out. I guess that was the hardest part. And the last time I released music was when I was 16, so I was pretty young. So yeah, I’d say for me, I wanted to make music that was true to who I am as a person, and that resonates with me and that connects with me. So, I think that was the big tool for me going into it. Before, I’d always just be given a song and I would go and record it. I wasn’t really a part of the creative process. And on “Flip The Switch,” and all my new music, I was. So, yeah, I have an incredible team. I’m so blessed and just so excited for everyone to hear it. It’s been so long in the making.

J-14: Can fans expect a new album anytime soon?

Asher: I’d say 2024, there’s definitely going to be an album. I’m going to start with singles and then hopefully an EP to get my mojo back and get some momentum. And then, yeah, I mean, the plan is to tour this year. I want to be out on the road, so whatever gets me closer to that.

J-14: We’re loving the choreography for “Flip the Switch”! Is it important for you to incorporate dancing into your music?

Asher: Yeah, I guess I’ve always loved dancing. I started off doing musical theater, that’s kind of where I found my love for the arts. And luckily enough, I’ve found someone during shooting in Utah for Andi Mack, a choreographer named Kylie Bronk, who’s incredible. I’ve learned so much from her and the other people she surrounded me with. So yeah, I don’t know. I’ve just always loved dancing and always wanted to incorporate that. Of course, I want to be on stage with a guitar. I also love playing my guitar and just playing other instruments, but I love just performing and putting on a show and entertaining. So yeah, so that’s been a really cool thing to have and be a part of the process as well.

J-14: If you had to choose, music or acting?

Asher: I’d say it’s always about what I’m doing in the moment. So if it’s totally music focused right now, I’d say it’s music. But if I’m taking a little break on the music side, then I’d say it’s acting. So I don’t know. My main focus is both. It kind of jumps around, I’d say.

J-14: Can you tell us anything about your upcoming movies, including 99 Days, which you’ll be starring alongside Mckenna Grace with?

Asher: I can’t say much. I have a movie in post-production right now with Ashley Judd and some other amazing actresses. And then I have 99 Days also, which is in pre-production. So I don’t know, I can’t really say much about the plot or anything, but I know Google does its thing, so I’ll leave it at that.

J-14: What was your experience growing up as a “Disney kid”?

Asher: I mean, that’s how I got my start, and I’m grateful for that. And yeah, I mean, that was such an amazing era in my life that I’ll remember forever. So no, I could never put it down. It was just the best experience. I’m so grateful for it, and I still get people to this day that talk to me about how much the show has had an impact on them and their family. So I mean, that means the world hearing that. So I’m definitely grateful for that show and that experience.

J-14: Do you still speak to the Andi Mack cast?

Asher: I talk to everyone here and there. Yeah, everyone’s super busy, but we all have immense love for one another.

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