Disney Channel stars really do tend to have a special bond – and knowing they’re still friends years after they’ve moved on from the network is just amazing. Perfect example: Debby Ryan and Ashley Tisdale. Deb recently opened up about how Ashley was really there for her during The Suite Life On Deck, along with her co-stars and still to this day besties Dylan and Cole Sprouse

When Debby was asked if anyone was a mentor to her when she first got her start on Disney, she, of course, mentioned how the Sprouse bros really set a great example for her, but it was Ashley’s kindness and inspiring words that truly meant something to Debby.

“When you trade away your anonymity to live your dreams, it’s a very unique set of things that comes with and I think to be able to share that with people who see it and understand it… and also I had people who were like, ‘no one told me anything so I’m going to help you with what I learned,'” Debby said on Access Live. “Dylan and Cole had such a good grasp on not needing or wanting fame. And Ashley Tisdale coming to set and saying, ‘you’re in charge of how you’re treated and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.’ And that was really beautiful and encouraging. So that’s why I’ve always made it a point as Rowan Blanchard and these people who are coming up that are so strong and cool and have such unique voices to only [help].”

How amazing is that? Ashley’s kindness inspired Debby to then pay it forward and be there to help the next generation of Disney Channel actors. And as we all know, Ashley played the role of Maddie on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, but she only ever had a guest-starring spot on the spin-off series Debby was on, so knowing they didn’t get to work together too much and yet still forged such a strong friendship that’s still going on today is just precious.

debby ashley hug

Girl power forever. Those Disney kids really do stick together. Brb, crying.

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