ICYMI, Nickelodeon is currently working on not one, not two but three standalone Avatar: The Last Airbender animated movies, produced by the original creators of the series. The films, with the first movie set to release in 2025, will drop on Paramount+. Keep reading to see everything we know about the three Avatar movies.

Everything We Know About Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Movies

Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the original creators of the Nickelodeon animated series that ran from 2005-2008, will be producing the movies under their production company Avatar Studios, which they formed in 2021. Lauren Montgomery, who worked on the original animated series, is set to direct the first film.

The first movie is set to drop on October 10, 2025, and no details are available other than it being an “untitled Aang Avatar film.”

Avatar: The Last Airbender follows the world of “benders” — humans who can control air, water, earth or fire. The world is divided into four nations — the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and the Air Nomads. There is only one person in the world who can control all four elements, the avatar (not to be mistaken with the blue aliens from James Cameron‘s Avatar films), who is also in charge of keeping peace between the four nations.

The original series follows the journey of Aang, the 12-year-old avatar who must learn to master all four elements in order to defeat the dark reign of Firelord Ozai, the Fire Nation’s dictator.

Explaining the Creators’ Departure From the Avatar The Last Airbender Netflix Series

Netflix is also adapting the beloved show into a live-adaptation series, which the original creators, Michael and Bryan, were originally attached to as showrunners/producers in 2018. However, in August 2020, the creators announced their departure from the project, citing creative differences with Netflix.

Michael wrote a lengthy blog post, explaining that “whatever version ends up on-screen, it will not be what Bryan and I had envisioned or intended to make.”

“When Bryan and I signed on to the project in 2018, we were hired as executive producers and showrunners,” Michael wrote. “In a joint announcement for the series, Netflix said that it was committed to honoring our vision for this retelling and to supporting us on creating the series. And we expressed how excited we were for the opportunity to be at the helm. Unfortunately, things did not go as we had hoped.”

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