If there’s one thing Becky G is with her fans, it’s honest. The singer doesn’t hold back when it comes to opening up about her relationship with Sebastian Lletget, or the troubles going on within her personal life and family. With the year coming to a close, the “Shower” singer decided to share something deeply personal with her fans on social media with an open letter — she has a half-sister.

Becky decided to make an emotional plea with her half sibling, Amber who just turned 18 years old. The singer wants nothing more than to get to know her, after meeting for the first time earlier this year. She wrote, “Today is my half sister's 18th birthday. Yes I said it. My half sister. I learned about Amber when I was 13 years old. When Frankie was old enough and ready, my parents and I also shared this with him. Soon after that, my parents, Frankie, and I spoke to Stephanie and Alex. We all had questions and dealt with the information in different ways, but most importantly, we handled it together — as a unit.”

“We met for the first time this year. Her relations to the family in the past were always through my dad. At least up until recently. Although there has been effort on both sides to move forward in a positive direction, it takes time to catch up on 18 years and to process it all. It's not something that happens overnight. It's all been an emotional roller coaster. The history behind it all, is something that I'd like to keep private for the sake of Amber's family and my own family's privacy,” she continued to write.

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Wow! What an emotional thing to go through as a family. As Becky explained, it wasn’t easy for any of them but they were able to get through the hardship as a family. She then continued to share the reason why she was making such a public plea with her newly discovered sibling by writing, “I had made a promise to myself that the day that Amber turned 18, was the day that I would reach out.”

“As two individuals, legal, with no influence from either side, no baggage or bad blood from the past, in hopes that we can move forward in whatever direction us two decided to move in. Now that she is 18, and her own person, so much in my life has changed and I now share my life with the world. But I'm sticking to my promise and I felt it in my heart to write this so that she knows…Amber, you are not forgotten, locked away in a closet, hidden or hated,” she wrote.

In the end, all Becky wants is to build a relationship and get to know someone in her family she was never able to speak with. Hopefully Amber listens to the singer’s plea and decides to reach out, so the two can get to know one another.

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