The 2017 MET Gala brought out some of the biggest stars in the business. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Nicki Minaj to Sofia Richie showed up and looked incredibly flawless, naturally. However, there were three people that everyone had their eye on. Any guesses who those three might be?!

Selena Gomez, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid. By now, everyone is familiar with the love mess that has gone down between these three over the past couple of months. The Weeknd and Bella were dating for awhile before they unexpectedly called it quits. Everyone thought they would resolve their issues and get back together but just weeks later the “Star Boy” singer was seen kissing Selena. Ever since then Sel and The Weeknd have been inseparable and haven’t been shy about hiding their love.

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The 2017 MET Gala was the first time they walked a red carpet at a public event together and they couldn’t have been more affectionate. It was adorable. But, we can’t imagine how it made Bella feel.

I mean, can you imagine having to be at a place where you ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend were canoodling in front of hundreds of people and even more cameras? Probably not the most ideal situation. Thankfully, there were no awkward run-ins between the trio. While we can’t tell for sure, this could have happened because Bella totally avoided the new couple or because the venue was so big it was hard to see each other even if they tried.

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A source told E! News, “Selena and The Weeknd were really lovely. They were low-key and understated but he was very attentive to her. There was no sign of Bella anywhere near them. Bella was actually still outside going through the exhibit while Selena and The Weeknd were at dinner. You have to go through the exhibit to end up in the Temple of Dendur room where the dinner is, so Bella mainly stuck back hanging with friends laughing and having fun.”

The source added that Bella was late to the dinner and was seen hanging out in the bathroom some of her pals including Paris Jackson and Ruby Rose. Whether or not it was a coincidence or a choice that Bella decided to avoid a large part of the party is still unclear.

There’s no telling how many more events Selena, The Weeknd and Bella will attend on the same night but hopefully the future goes as smoothly as The MET Gala. Unnecessary drama is so exhausting even for A-listers!

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