It's been a whirlwind when it comes to Selena Gomez and The Weeknd's relationship. They seriously turn heads wherever they go and we can't imagine how it feels for Bella Hadid to see this playing out in front of her. However, she might be turning over a new leaf when it comes to the guys in her life.

The supermodel was caught hanging out with male model Jordan Barrett in New York City on Thursday. They both stepped out of the same car and were all smiles. Of course, they both looked chicer than ever. Even though both Bella and Jordan are rumored to be single, this new hang out definitely has heads turning.

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If fans remember correctly, Jordan isn't new to Bella and her circle of friends. He actually was the model who gave an interview Hailey Baldwin a few weeks ago and they said they were having a child together. Obviously, they were joking. BUT, because his initials are 'JB' – Justin Bieber got brought into it.

So did Hailey introduce Bella and Jordan? No one knows. But, one thing is for sure, they look freaking amazing together. Whether or not there's any romantic chemistry going on between them, Bella is clearly ready to start publicly hanging out with new guys. This appearance with Jordan isn't the first step she's taking. Bella actually unfollowed The Weeknd on Instagram!

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We know, breaking news. But really, The Weeknd and Selena have both unfollowed Bella and now she's gone ahead and done the same. To be fair, we wouldn't want to see our exes on social media either especially if they have a new love in their lives. But, we think Bella did this as more of a statement rather than having to look at The Weeknd's Instagram photos from time to time. He doesn't post that much.

While Bella seemingly made waves when it comes to what the status of her relationship is with The Weeknd, we also don't think her and Jordan really are an item. They might look cute together and both be models, but she recently said she's focusing on her career. Jordan, you may just have to wait a little while if you're looking for anything romantic with this gal!

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