Bella Thorne is a lot of things – she’s Mod Sun’s girlfriend, she’s an actress, she’s a Hollywood star who could care less about what everyone thinks about her, she’s a hard worker but most of all she is not pregnant. Okay, that might seem like it came out of nowhere so we’ll back it up a bit. Bella is known to do some pretty crazy things to get the attention of the world. Lately, she’s been on Instagram sporting a pregnant belly. And it’s not just a little belly, it’s a pregnant stomach that looks like she could give birth to a real live child at any moment. Before everyone freaks out, we’re just going to throw this out there and saying that she probably, 100 percent is not actually pregnant.

In her Instagram story video, she’s wearing a long floral type dress and her hair up. She really is getting a good belly rub in. But, we have to collect all of the facts here. Bella is currently shooting the second season of Famous In Love. Her character, Paige Townsen, has red hair. Usually, Bella the person switches it up a lot. So, this could be a costume for Paige. But, that got us thinking too. At the end of Famous In Love season one, Paige was not in any sort of committed relationship. She was actually trying to choose between Rainer Devon and Jake Salt.

Of course, Paige is in a movie so this could be her character in the movie on the show. The layers are super confusing but either way, Bella isn’t pregnant and the bump is most likely for her role on the show. To be honest, it could also be for another role that we just don’t know about yet. It always seems like Bella is hustling in all career aspects of her life. So, she could be working on something top secret and this baby bump is a sneak peak into the project.

There’s one thing we should add though, Bella can really rock that belly. She looks freaking flawless – even if it is just a fake. We have a feeling she’ll look just as awesome, if not better, when she’s got a real bun in the oven!

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