We've been jamming to "Bedroom Floor" by Liam Payne and "Attention" by Charlie Puth for the past few weeks with no problems. Both the pop songs have an easy rhythm and generic lyrics about a break-up. Right? Wrong! Probably. Here's why I think there's something a little deeper going on behind these two songs.

"Attention" by Charlie Puth is mostly likely about his rather dramatic relationship with Bella Thorne.

Bella and Charlie have both been super coy about what their relationship really was. During an interview on The Zach Sang Show Charlie does his best to steer away from that topic. He does say that his music is more personal than ever now, but he wants to keep as much private as possible. Okay, Charlie, we can respect that. Still, fans everywhere are pretty convinced that "Attention" is all about Bella.

Charlie Puth and Liam Payne are really good friends.

Wait a second… "Attention" and "Bedroom Floor" sound eerily similar. Falsetto notes? Repeated syllables? All signs point to Charlie. The singer/songwriter teamed up with the former One Direction member to create "Bedroom Floor." He even does the sound effects for the phone ringing (BRRP, BRRP). Since Charlie wrote the song, it's safe to say he drew on his own experiences with a wishy-washy love interest. Possibly the same one he talks about in "Attention?"

This theory would be a little flat if it weren't for one thing: Charlie and Liam aren't just colleagues. They're really good friends! Charlie confessed that in an interview with BBC Radio One. The two of them work together, hang out together, and are generally weird with one another.

Liam actually told Capital Radio that "[Bedroom Floor is] about a relationship Charlie must've been in where they kept saying it was over but they always [came back]."

"I know exactly who [Attention] is about," Liam continued. "When I go to Charlie's house, Charlie fills me in. Me and Charlie get on really well and I feel like he always wants to chat to me about stuff. Maybe I'm a bit of a life coach, got a bit of wisdom for him. I can't reveal his secrets!"

Obviously, Liam Payne knows exactly what happened between Charlie and Bella. That makes this next puzzle piece even more confusing.

Liam cast Bella Thorne in the music video for "Bedroom Floor."

Everyone in the world was like "Huh?" when Liam cast Bella. When have these two ever spoken to each other ever? Bella, herself, was just in the headlines for starring in Logan Paul's music video. Youtuber to international superstar is quite a leap to make. Plus, it's super weird to cast your friend's ex-girlfriend in your music video, isn't it? Most people, including me, brushed this off as a publicity thing. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Cut to today, November 6th, the day the "Bedroom Floor" music video premieres. The video follows Bella as she deals with her flaky boyfriend who keeps acting like they're broken up, but then coming back for more. Liam walks around like a ghost. He's not really in the action, just narrating it for Bella. Finally, Bella is over her rude boyfriend and picks his clothes up off of her bedroom floor.

"Bedroom Floor" was never about Liam.

In the music video, Liam is hardly in it. It's not about him. He has even said that he has a hard time creating music because his relationship with Cheryl is so perfect. Instead, he's describing his friend's relationship. Who else would that friend be other than the songwriter?

charlie puth liam payne 1

Not only did they cast Charlie's ex as the leading lady, but Liam shaved his eyebrow to look like Charlie's scar! He makes a point to turn his head and reveal the little notch to the camera. I can't. Maybe Liam is playing the role of Charlie Puth, a bystander pulled into Bella Thorne and her ex, Tyler Posey's confusing relationship. Charlie did very publicly apologize to Tyler for getting involved with Bella despite not knowing about the two of them, even though Bella and Tyler were no longer together when she and Charlie were a thing. The more I think this through, the more confusing it all gets!

Why would Liam and Charlie go to all this trouble? Honestly, who knows? If they did it to give Bella a taste of her own medicine, it doesn't seem to have worked. She's happy with her new boyfriend and landed a major music video. She's on top of the world. If they did it so that Liam was "speaking on Bella's behalf," as he said in a behind the scenes video, I suppose it worked. Maybe this is Charlie's way of admitting that she wasn't the only one to blame in the relationship. Now, everyone can move on, be happy, and keep producing amazing music.

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