Bella Thorne and Selena Gomez are former Disney Channel stars who have become some of the most popular faces on the planet. But, aside from that, it’s pretty much all they have in common, despite that Selena sang the theme song on Bella’s Disney show Shake It Up. While Bella is a full-time actress, Selena is more into her music. Bella is dating someone brand new to her life, Mod Sun, while Selena has recently gone for that same old love all over again with her boo Justin Bieber. Regardless of all of their differences, fans just completely freaked out on Instagram after Sel posted a photo of herself looking a lot like Bella.

Now that the “Wolves” singer has blonde hair, it’s already a start to resembling the Famous in Love actress. Not only that but Selena decided to throw on a rainbow-colored accessory and bold colored lip which really got people talking. She captioned her shot, “i stole from my sister.”

Watch the video below and check out how Selena looks like she totally wants to be twinning with Bella!

OMG! Now, all we need is for Bella to throw on the same rainbow bangs headband with blue glitter ears and we’d have an identical match. Not to mention a super powerful duo. This friendship needs to happen. We’re already shipping it.

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