You know your family is super close when your dad wears your bae’s clothes — on TV, no less! Billy Ray Cyrus admitted he was wearing one of Liam Hemsworth’s t-shirts when he sat down for an upcoming interview with Harry Connick Jr. “I think if you bring something back you didn’t really steal it. I kind of borrowed it from Liam Hemsworth,” he said in the video posted by E!. “He didn’t know though and he doesn’t know. I happen to be getting ready to come up and do this show and there was a clean shirt there.”

“I sweat through four layers of clothes and Liam’s t-shirt was the last thing I had left,” he continued. “So I’ve got to finish this show, fly back home and go put it in his closet so he doesn’t know it’s gone.” What’s interesting is that Billy was wearing the same outfit at multiple press events on Nov. 10, so we’re willing to bet Liam’s going to have a hard time getting it back!

While Miley and Liam seem to try their best to keep their relationship private, most of the intel we get actually seems to come from her dad. Earlier this year, Billy posted photos of Miley in a white dress, sending fans into a frenzy thinking she and Liam tied the knot. However, the duo actually got married a few months later in an intimate Octomber ceremony, according to In Touch.

Billy Ray also revealed that Liam is quite the creative type. “Liam is a great guy,” Billy gushed to ET in May. “I like his heart. He’s got a great spirit about him. I’ll tell you something you don’t know about him though: he’s a great artist. He’s a painter. [I had never seen his art], then all of a sudden, I go into this room and there’s, like, 1,500 paintings up of, like, these things, and I’m like, ‘Who did this stuff?’ Liam paints them. I go, ‘Liam, when is your next art show?’ And he’s very humble about it.” It really sounds like Billy Ray is Liams No. 1 fan and we think that’s adorable!

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