Anyone who remembers the lyrics to Miley Cyrus’ old classic “See You Again” will remember that she gave her longtime bestie at the time, Lesley Patterson a major shout out in the lyrics. The two were inseparable during the singer’s Disney days, but it seems that the years may have put some distance in their relationship. Many fans were often were wondering whether or not the two are still friends, well as it turns out Miley and Lesley are still pretty close and they recently just got together for an epic throwback!

Yup! It totally happened and it was nothing but love. The “Malibu” singer documented the epic moment with tons of old school pictures of the two on Instagram, and of course snuck in an epic current day selfie. The post was captioned, “My best friend Lesley said "Oh she's just being Miley" !!!! ❤️???? sooooo glad my bestie since I was a littttttle BB made it to my #spotifyfansfirst#YoungerNow release party! Life is sooooo full circle !”

Full of all the feels! Though the “Wrecking Ball” singer wasn’t the only one who got in on some major nostalgia. Lesley got in on the fun by posting her own picture of the two looking closer than ever. It looks like they hadn’t missed a beat throughout the years. She captioned her post, “I think our face says it all!! Loved seeing my girl kill it tonight and I couldn't be more proud! #YoungerNow release party ????❤️?”

Aww! Cue all the feels! Aside from this all being totally epic and amazing, it’s awesome to see that Miley hasn’t lost touch with people who really mattered to her. Just goes to show that even though the two don’t constantly post about each other, they’re still in one another’s lives cause she’s still just being Miley!

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