Rosé rocks any red carpet that she walks down! The BLACKPINK singer’s style is subtle yet elegant, so we compiled photos of some of her best looks over the years. Keep reading to see them all.

BLACKPINK first came to the ~area~ in August 2016, and ever since then, fans have become obsessed with the talented foursome. Comprised of members Rosé, JisooJennie and Lisa, the K-pop musicians have broken tons of records since dropping their debut singles, “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle.”

Two of the members have even attended the Met Gala, a.k.a. the most prestigious fashion event that there is. Rosé was the first member to do so, walking the iconic red carpet in 2021, with Jennie following her footsteps two years later.

At the 2023 Met Gala, Jennie shared the advice that Rose gave her before attending fashion’s biggest night.

“Rosie, she was here last year,” she explained at the event. “She told me, ‘Just have fun,’ so that’s the plan for today.”

The girls made history at Coachella in April 2023, becoming the first Asian act (and first K-pop group) to headline the festival. Ahead of their performance, the K-pop stars spoke to Billboard about being trailblazers.

“It feels absolutely unreal [to be headlining],” Rosé told the outlet. “I think performing for Coachella in 2019 was a moment that really woke us up as BLACKPINK — to be motivated, to dream on and dream big. But we never expected anything as big as being the headliner of a festival we’ve all grown up admiring and hoping someday we could find ourselves in the crowd of.”

Since BLACKPINK’s success, Rosé has released her own solo music. First, “On the Ground” premiered in March 2021, and then, “Gone” was released in April 2021.

“It was very challenging — that put me more in a vulnerable position,” the singer told Rolling Stone on going solo. “The four of us are like one. We’re there for each other, and if one person can’t be in their best condition that day, then we are there to fill in for that other person. Standing alone was frightening. It made me realize how much BLACKPINK was a big support to me in the past. When I didn’t know what to do, I’d call to ask them what they felt, what their opinions were. So, they were always there during my solo work.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see Rosé’s best fashion moments and photos.

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