When worlds combine! BLACKPINK‘s Lisa posed with Taylor Swift while attending night 2 of the Eras Tour in Singapore on Sunday, March 3. See the photos below.

“Had such a blast at The Eras Tour! Amazing performance💘 @taylorswift,” Lisa wrote as her caption on Instagram, alongside photos of herself and Taylor, some of her friends and friendship bracelets.

ICYMI, Lisa is one of the biggest stars in Asia (and the world!), but most notably in her home country of Thailand. As a member of K-pop mega group BLACKPINK, the main dancer has launched a musical solo career, launched her own company LLOUD and is set to make her acting debut in season 3 of HBO’s The White Lotus, which will take place in Thailand.

Lisa has previously spoken about the pressures of being a role model during an interview with Rolling Stone in May 2022.

“Whenever I go to Thailand, there’s this new generation of babies that all look up to me: ‘I want to be like Lisa, unni!’ But when I look at myself, I am lacking in so many areas,” she revealed. “There are so many things I don’t know because I’m still young. They look up to me as an idol, but I still don’t think I’m perfect enough to be their idol. Am I there yet? Am I ready? I’m actually really curious. In what ways am I an idol to those kids? I still feel I have a long way to go.”

So many celebrities have been spotted at Taylor’s Eras Tour since it began in March 2023, including Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Joey King, Taylor Lautner and Taylor’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, of course.

Another star whose attended is Rachel Zegler, who might be one of the biggest Swiftie celebrities. She spoke about her experience attending Taylor’s concert on The Tonight Show saying, “I knew the setlist, I know the callbacks, I was waiting for the secret songs. My best friend Brenna had gone in Atlanta before the MetLife show, and I went to MetLife night one. And she said to my older sister, Jaqueline who I took to the show with me, she was like ‘Jaqueline, if they play ‘Getaway Car’ or ‘Maroon’ she’s on crisis watch.’”

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