When a member of BTS celebrates their birthday, the world better believe that the BTS Army is going to get something trending that day on Twitter for the special occasion. In this case, it's Jin's 25th birthday and fans are going wild on social media over it. They started the hashtag #WorldwideHandsomeDay and it's freaking adorable. The joke started at the Billboard Music Awards when the boys were nominated for Top Social Artist. When people started asking who Jin was he actually called himself worldwide handsome. That is when the nickname was born and the Army dubbed Jin, Mr. Worldwide Handsome. Of course, the hashtag had to be busted out for his birthday. Oh yeah, and as a disclaimer, we literally have no idea why the hashtag is spelled wrong in almost every single tweet.

The Army has been posting videos, photos, and gifs of the birthday boy which will definitely make you smile. We decided to round up some of the cutest messages fans have sent Jin's way. From expressing their love for him to commenting on his beautiful looks to spreading awareness about how talented he really is, it's no secret that Jin is definitely feeling the love today.

One fan wrote, "Happy birthday to this amazing visual, and the most purest soul. Fans were calling him handsome, and he got shy. Please protect him and give him the world. #WorldwideHandomeDay #HappyJinDay." This video is the absolute cutest. Jin really does get super shy and even hides his face towards the end of the video proving that he is human, too! Just because he is in one of the biggest boy bands in the world, doesn't mean all of the attention is easy to handle!

Another fan couldn't help but comment on his facial features. We have to agree, to be honest. The Army member wrote, "the way seokjin curls his lil nose every time he laughs;
my heart skips a beat – so adorable !

#BTS #JIN #WorldwideHandomeDay

And some fans were V upset when the hashtag was being used for other purposes besides Jin's day. This Twitter user explained, "For everyone. This damn hashtag was created for a special idol’s birthday. Pleas stop using it for your idols or whatever pictures. Its KINDA disrespectfull, bur pleas stop. #WorldwideHandomeDay." Okay, so yes this proves once and for all that you should not mess with the BTS Army because THEY. WILL. COME. FOR. YOU.

Others just took to social media for a simple birthday shout out except they resorted to all caps because that's what BTS Army does for their idols. A fan wrote, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST HANDSOME BOY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!? YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD TO BE AN ARMY EVERYDAY. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME SMILE. YOU DESERVE ALL THE LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN THE UNIVERSE! ❤️ #HaplyJinDay #WorldwideHandomeDay."

One fan even took this opportunity to make fun of Jin's dad jokes. To be clear, we haven't heard many come out of his mouth, but the Army never lies so we're going to truth them on this one. The tweet reads, "Whenever you’re feeling down, Jin is here to save the day. Happy birthday to this worldwide handsome, the king of dad jokes, the one who composed awake being one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Seokjin deserves all the love today & forever❤️ #WorldwideHandomeDay."

Here's to hoping Jin gets to see even half of all of the messages the fans have left him on social media. It's clear that he is loved, respected and one of a kind. Now, all we can think about is how he's going to celebrate this big quarter century birthday milestone. Cake? Presents? A party? The world really is at his fingertips. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIN!

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