RM has such a casual and elegant style that he’s often been described as “boyfriend material” by fans. Keep reading to see the BTS leader‘s best fashion and red carpet moments.

The South Korean rapper spoke about his thoughts on fashion during an interview with Vogue Korea in May 2023.

“I once came across the words, ‘Fashion is an ideology,’ and found them greatly memorable. There’s a part of me that thinks it’s an exaggeration, but there’s another part of me that nods along to it. I’ve always thought that fashion is a sort of attitude. I mean, you can’t go around wearing nothing,” he explained. “These days, I try not to put too much meaning into it. I sometimes feel like those kinds of thoughts gobble me up. But I still love fashion and deem it important.”

Saying that RM is an art lover would be greatly understated. The BTS member collects art pieces and can often by found at an art museums all around the world. During an interview with El Pais in March 2023, RM revealed his goal is to one day open his own exhibit.

“My goal is to open a small exhibition space in about 10 years,” he began. “Because I think Seoul needs a place with young taste that’s also respectful of the Korean legacy, to which I would also like to bring artists like Roni Horn, Antony Gormley and Morandi.”

He also told the outlet about the moment when he was first moved by artwork.

“Our memory is always being edited, so I can’t be certain, but my first that I remember is when I saw Monet, van Gogh, and Seurat’s works at the Chicago Art Institute,” he revealed. “I think it was around the end of 2018. I was on tour, and I thought I should go to a museum. Seeing something that I had only seen in textbooks or on the computer made me think that you can only do it justice by going to see it in person. I have no gift when it comes to drawing, so I remember looking at these works by artistic giants in pure astonishment and awe. ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ was especially memorable.”

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