Happy Festa to all who celebrate! ICYMI, BTS is back and better than ever for their 10th anniversary — and has a planned schedule of events to celebrate! The K-pop group will release a new single, hold a festival in Seoul and that’s definitely not all the surprises in store! Keep reading for everything we know.

BTS to Release Single ‘Take Two’ Details

The group’s  single “Take Two” was released on June 9, 2023. The song features all 7 members of BTS, including J-Hope and Jin, who are both currently serving in the South Korean military.

The track is dedicated to BTS fans, named ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.

“The song conveys their appreciation toward ARMY for all the love you shower them with and their desire to always be together with you,” said BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment. “We sincerely express our gratitude to ARMY for making the 10th anniversary possible with your endless love for BTS.”

BTS rapper Suga is credited with participating in the production of the track, with fellow members RM and J-hope being involved with the songwriting.

The biggest boy band in the world first debuted on June 13, 2013, with their track “No More Dream.”

What Is BTS’ Festa Schedule?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “festa,” you must be a new ARMY. Every year, BTS commemorates their debut with with a weeklong celebration filled with events, livestreams, behind-the-scenes clips and more.

This year’s installment will be held across major landmarks in Seoul, South Korea, as part of a collaboration with the Seoul metropolitan government.

Big Hit released a colorful calendar outlining the Festa timeline, which will be held from May 31 to June 17. Included in the schedule are mysterious symbols hinting at what some of the surprises could be. ARMY has already started to speculate over what those symbols could mean and where certain surprises could take place. One symbol includes the N Seoul Tower on the date June 13, one ARMY pointed out.

Along with their exciting upcoming festivities, the K-pop sensations are set to release Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS, a book that will detail their rise to fame, on July 9, 2023. The novel’s release date is July 9th (originally June 13th), holds a special meaning for BTS fans — it’s the day in which the fandom was named.

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