The heart and soul of Riverdale is the friendship between the characters, especially the core four of Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. But one relationship that has really captured literally everyone's heart is that of Bughead. Yes, Betty and Jughead's love story while unexpected, makes perfect sense and they're easily the show's OTP. We know a bold statement but c'mon just look at them.

bughead riverdale

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart just have that magical chemistry and it makes you fall in love with their characters' romance too. Season 2 of The CW series is officially underway and the cast is currently filming as we speak. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the genius we have to thank for creating Riverdale, has taken to Twitter to share some pics from the first official day on set and he's literally made every Bughead shippers' dreams come true with one v cute pic.

BE STILL OUR HEARTS. They seriously look adorable together working on this truck. Now as you may remember in the season finale, Jughead and Betty were as happy as ever, finally saying "I Love You" to each other for the first time but as they were being all cute, the Southside Serpents decided to pay Juggy a visit. They gave him his dad FP's leather jacket and let him know they have his back now that his dad is in jail, leaving Betty worried her boo might find himself hanging out with these guys who are well, a gang. But it's clear nothing is coming between these lovebirds and as Roberto said, their saga continues and at least for right now, all is well for this ship.

Another newly beloved pairing from the show has been Archie and Veronica. They didn't get together until the end of the season, so their romance is in it's early stages. Roberto shared another pic of Camila Mendes and KJ Apa posing with some fans in-between takes.

It's obvious they were filming a scene together and KJ appears to have blood on his clothes, so we're assuming this is taking place right after Archie's dad Fred was shot and V rushes to her fave redhead's side. Fred's fate still remains a mystery, but we can only hope he pulls through because the Andrews men need each other and we cannot handle seeing Archie go through that devastating loss. When Archie cries, we cry too. And Jughead. Remember that phone call he had with his mom that showed us just how heartbroken Jughead was when his mom said she didn't want him to come stay with her and his sister Jellybean in Arizona? This show always plays with our emotions and yet here are, anxiously waiting for more. Is it October yet?

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