Longtime fans of Cameron Dallas are no doubt oh so proud of how far the web star turned actor, model, and now singer has come. He’s certainly come a long way from making Vine videos and now that he’s seriously taking on the music world, we’ve entered a whole new era in his career. But as Cam recently admitted, it’s not always easy for him to connect with other people because of his lifestyle and he can get quite lonely.

Speaking to Teen Vogue, the 24-year-old opened up about the inspiration behind his single, “Why Haven’t I Met You” and how it stems from the fact that Cameron doesn’t really have much time to really get to know anyone.

“I’m always on tour and always meeting new people, so it’s hard to make real connections. I don’t have time to make connections, let alone date or become friends with someone, because I’m hardly ever in one place long enough. The lyrics reflect how I would like to just meet the person I’m supposed to end up with now rather than later, but that’s not how life works,” he said.

So it looks like Cameron hasn’t found that special someone yet and is still single. And there’s nothing wrong with that! He’s clearly very focused on his career and making music at the moment, so in time, love will come. That’s the goal anyway, right? He went on to explain that while writing this song, he even shed some tears. What a guy.

“It was also one of the first sessions that I cried in, actually. I was just super comfortable and we really vibed,” he said. “At the end of the day, if it allows people to be vulnerable, any message they get from the song is great — even if they just like it because it’s a cool song.”

We have a feeling he’s going to be creating even more cool songs. And hey, maybe, he’ll get some inspo after making a new friend or even falling in love, once he finds the time.

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