Cameron Dallas has always been one to keep us on our toes in both his life, his videos and his style. Just recently, the star switched up his hair in a major way – he shaved it all off! Despite the fact that the star is quite unexpected by nature, this big move seriously surprised us. Why, you ask? Well, Cam hasn’t had short hair like this since he was super little. His shaggy locks are (er, were) iconic. But let us tell you, we’re all about this hair makeover. It’s super cool – and sometimes, you just need a change! Well, the action didn’t stop there. Cameron just dyed the buzz cut a vibrant rose gold. Watch the video to see what Cameron’s hair looks like now.

While Cameron kept his natural color when first introducing us to the buzz cut, he has now dyed it a color that you can’t miss from a mile away – rose gold! Not only is the bright shaved hair reminding us of the look Zayn Malik rocked for quite some time, but the warm pink shade is giving us major Kylie Jenner vibes as well. Cameron truly is on a role with the hair transformations, which leads us to believe that this isn’t the only thing he’s got up his sleeve. We wonder what’s next.

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