Camila Cabello may be a global spokesperson for the cosmetic brand L’Oréal Paris now, but that doesn’t mean the 20-year-old singer always feels 100% confident in her skin. Instead, she admits she constantly struggles with her self-image.

“It’s hard being a girl, because no matter what we look like, we’re always so hard on ourselves, and we feel like there’s always someone judging us,” she admits to J-14. “I think it’s a common thing we deal with. I mean, we all have days when we don’t feel pretty — I know I do.”

In fact, Camila tells us that the one thing she feels most insecure about is her skin. “I didn’t realize how much having bad skin plays into your self-confidence until I experienced it a couple of years ago,” she opens up. Camila says her acne got so intense that it was all she could think about.

“I’d go to bed and worry all night about what my face would look like in the morning, because I couldn’t stop breaking out!” she explains. “It was awful, and made me not always like how I looked. It just really sucked because the acne washes I used didn’t help that much!”

Because of this, Camila decided she needed to learn how to start loving her “flaws,” so she started complimenting herself regularly. “It was hard at first, because I was my own worst critic,” she reveals. “I ended up building a bubble and focusing on myself during that time. I would tell myself that I was beautiful and the more I said it, the more I believed it.”

After a while, Camila noticed that her self-esteem grew. “Learning to be OK with the things you consider to be flaws — whether it’s your acne, your weight or your hair — really makes a difference in how you view yourself,” she explains. “I think when you’re insecure and don’t feel good about yourself, then that bad energy transmits outward and ends up bringing you down, so that’s why it’s important to find beauty within the things that you don’t like. Once you do that, it changes everything. Now, I can honestly say I’m more comfortable in my skin than ever — pimples and all!”

Camila wants to share some confidence with you! She answered top questions from real girls.

Camila Cabello Answers Your Questions:

Picture day is coming up! How can I avoid having a zit for it? — Maddie, 15, SC

Camila: If face washes aren’t working, try eating healthier and drinking more water. If you do get a zit, just make sure you smile big in your pic and nobody will even notice it!

Help! I’m always so awkward around my crush … how can I not be? — Olivia, 16, TX

Camila: When I get nervous around my crush, I get awkward and say dumb things all the time. Try texting each other and get used to chatting that way first — it’ll help!

I want to start wearing makeup. What should I try first? — Tiffany, 14, NJ

Camila: When you’re new to makeup, I think you should go with light, fresh and natural-looking shades. Something simple like mascara and a light-pink lip gloss is the way to go!

Story and interview by Morgan McMurrin. This feature originally appeared in the November 2017 print edition of J-14.

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