With her music, Camila Cabello is opening up to fans like never before.

The singer recently dished on how she was first approached to be a part of The Chainsmoker’s single “Closer” and how she had to turn it down due to being a part of Fifth Harmony at the time.

Now that she is no longer part of the group, the “Crying in the Club” singer is opening up about what the recording process of a solo album has been like for her – and yes, it’s been crazy emotional.

While sitting down with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show earlier this week, the songstress revealed that tackling on this solo project has been all about putting her feelings on the forefront. She explained, “I can’t write about anything that I don’t feel. I have always been writing feelings or thoughts or emotions in my notes on my phone. So, I had all of this stuff accumulated from three years of just writing while I was on tour with the group.”

“When I went into the studio I just looked though all of my notes was just like, ‘wow.’ It took me on a journey of how I was feeling with everything – anything that caused me any sort of emotion,” she continued to say.

Fans will definitely be getting to know Camila on a much more personal level than before, and truly understand what the past three years have really been like for her. Though what everyone is desperate to know as well is, what day and month they can mark on their calendars for the release of The Hurting The Healing The Loving.

Well, fans may have to wait a little longer than expected to hear the full-length record. Why? Because of Camila! She’s the one who's been having a pretty hard time putting the entire writing and recording process to an end.

“It’s really hard for me to walk away from the album – to be able to be like, okay the process is done. What I’m asking for is one more month of writing, and then I have to turn it in,” she explained.

Whatever Camila is coming up with, it’s bound to be nothing short of amazing. The album is definitely going to be worth the wait. September can’t get here any sooner!

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