This is our Super Bowl: whether or not Taylor Swift will be able to make the 2024 Super Bowl to support boyfriend Travis Kelce. As the Kansas City Chiefs advance to Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024, Swifties are wondering if Taylor will be able to cheer on her boyfriend during his big game.

Keep reading to see why!

Will Taylor Swift Attend the 2024 Super Bowl?

After Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship on January 28, fans noticed that some of Taylor’s Eras Tour shows might make it impossible for Taylor to cheer on Travis at the Super Bowl!

ICYMI, the Grammy-winning songstress is going back to performing on her record-breaking Eras Tour after having several months off in February 2024. Her first international stop is Tokyo, Japan, where she has four shows from February 7 until February 10 — the latter being the day before the Super Bowl.

While some would think that Taylor’s tour schedule would make it unfeasible for her to travel to the Super Bowl after performing on the other side of the world, Swifties think she’ll still make it over as she rarely misses seeing her boyfriend play on the football field.

On top of that, after her final concert in Tokyo on February 10, she doesn’t have to a show until Friday, February 16 in Melbourne, Australia, which gives her enough time to leave Las Vegas and make it to Australia.

When Did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Start Dating?

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end got this whole entire thing started after he revealed his attempt to give the Grammy-winning songstress his phone number at one of her Eras Tour shows in July 2023.

“This all started when Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell,” Taylor told TIME Magazine in December 2023. “We started hanging out right after that. So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to get to know each other. By the time I went to that first game, we were a couple. I think some people think that they saw our first date at that game? We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date.”

“When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves, we’re showing up for each other, other people are there and we don’t care,” she continued. “The opposite of that is you have to go to an extreme amount of effort to make sure no one knows that you’re seeing someone. And we’re just proud of each other.”

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