Cara Delevingne might just be every celebrity in Hollywood’s best friend. No, seriously, from Rihanna to Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez, keep reading for an entire list to the model’s famous friends.

“I have so many friends,” she said in her Vogue cover story from March 2023. However, she revealed that during the past few times while going through a turbulent time, she felt that some of her friendships began to feel “shallow.”

“They ride for me and I love my friends so much, but it felt like a lot of the time, they were shallow relationships only because I wasn’t able to be honest about the things I was going through,” she explained. “I didn’t want to burden anyone. It was also like, What if people leave? If you ask any of my friends, they would say they’d never seen me cry.”

She recalled that nearing September 2022, she needed those meaningful connections more than ever. “From September, I just needed support. I needed to start reaching out. And my old friends I’ve known since I was 13, they all came over and we started crying. They looked at me and said, ‘You deserve a chance to have joy.’ ”

Her Only Murders in the Building costar Selena Gomez, told Vogue that Cara is someone who “wants the best for other people.”

Cara Delevingne Has So Many Famous Friends! Here's a Guide to Her Celebrity BFFs: Rihanna, Taylor,

Fleabag star and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge described her as “deeply loyal” and “unnervingly wise.”

“There isn’t anyone like her in the world. She has been a rock-solid friend to me,” she added.

Another one of Cara’s besties, Suicide Squad costar Margot Robbie, echoed that sentiment. “We shared most of our 20s together and we were by each other’s side as we entered our 30s,” said the actress. “I was literally with her the day I turned 30 and vice versa. I think it will always be that way—40s, 50s, 60s. God knows what we’ll be doing on our 70th birthday, but the thought of it already makes me laugh.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see a guide to all of Cara’s famous friends in Hollywood.

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