Don't we all wish sometimes we could take it back to the simpler days? You know, when you were just a little kid, and wore adorable outfits, played with your toys and never had to worry about any major life problems? Yes, we all wish to return to our younger selves every now and then but as some celebrities have shown us, you can easily take a trip down memory lane by simply recreating your best moments.

Stars like Zendaya, Liam Payne and Demi Lovato have all recreated photos they one took as kids as the adults they are now. And as you can imagine, the results are nothing short of amazing. From the facial expressions to the on-point outfits, these stars 100% returned to their childhood for a brief moment and you won't believe how many of them actually look basically the same from when they were pint-sized.

Check out the gallery of pics below to see exactly how these celebs recreated some of the cutest shots from when they were younger!

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