Chappell Roan becoming pop music’s next big thing is amazing and all, but we need girlie to get back into the music studio, ASAP! The “Good Luck, Babe” singer has had an amazing 2024 — opening for Olivia Rodrigo on her GUTS Tour, breaking records at Governors Ball and her skyrocketing Spotify replays are just some accomplishments she’s achieved, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

That being said, it looks like your favorite’s artist favorite artist is working on some new music! Keep reading for details on album no. 2.

When does Chappell Roan next album drop?

It’s unclear when Chappell will be releasing her upcoming album — but make no mistake, she’s *definitely* working on it right now.

Chappell’s record producer Dan Nigro (who also works closely with Olivia Rodrigo) teased the upcoming album during the ASCAP Pop Awards in May 2024, saying, “I’m feeling good about it, but at the same time, we are literally right at the beginning of the recording process; it’s only been a few days.”

After Dan confirmed the duo had begun recording the album, he commented on what it’s like to collaborate with the songstress.

“When I have Chappell in the studio, it’s always good fun—she’s amazing,” he explained. “We’re doing a lot of sitting around and talking at this point, and there are moments where she becomes the Chappell you see on stage, but then there are moments where it comes down.”

“We’re writing ballads, some sad songs where it’s just the piano and her voice,” he added.

What has Chappell Roan said of album no. 2?

“There isn’t much on the agenda with this next album,” Chappell said at the ASCAP Pop Awards in May 2024. “I plan to do what I have always done: write songs that I love, create music I’m proud of, and share that with the world. Maybe I should have more of an answer to what my expectations are [with the album], but at this point, I just don’t know.”


subway by chappell roan

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What has Chappell Roan released since ‘Midwest Princess’?

Since the drop of her debut album The Rise and Fall of Princess in September 2023, Chappell has released one single and teased another during her performance at Gov Ball in June 2024.

In April 2024, “Good Luck, Babe” hit the airwaves, swiftly becoming one of her chart-topping hits. While gracing the stage at Gov Ball, she unveiled a fresh track titled “Subway,” leaving fans eagerly awaiting news on its official release date.

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