Are you a Charlie Bushnell fan yet? The actor plays Luke Castellan in the Disney+ live-action adaptation of Percy Jackson, one of the most important characters of the series based on the books of the same name by Rick Riordan. We spoke to Charlie, who detailed his auditioning process for the highly anticipated show, how he got into character, TV dad Lin-Manuel Miranda and so much more!

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Charlie, who starred in Disney+ series Diary of a Future President, did not expect to book Percy Jackson. After a “really stressful week at school” and lengthy auditioning process in which he didn’t hear anything for nearly two months, the young actor was doubtful of his chances.

“It was kind of silent for a long time,” Charlie, 19, told J-14 exclusively. “So, at that point I was just like, ‘Okay, yeah, it’s too bad. It is what it is. But that would’ve been fun.'”

However, he didn’t have anything to worry about — and he got the call that he booked the role at a pretty inopportune time.

“I was at school when I found out, actually, I was walking into my math class,” he revealed. “I think I might’ve had a test that day, but luckily me and my teacher were chill, so he let me go out and get on the phone. But yeah, I don’t think I could focus for the rest of the day at school.”

If you’ve read Percy Jackson, then you know how integral Luke Castellan is to the series —  his character arc alone is one that many long-time fans can’t wait to see unfold onscreen. That being said, Charlie revealed that author Rick Riordan, who was closely involved in the adaptation, was a huge help to understanding his largely complicated character.

“I actually met Rick my very first day on set, which was pretty awesome,” Charlie gushed. “He’s the nicest guy on earth, and meeting him first day on set was amazing. We definitely talked about the character a little bit and the overall, just how amazing it is to be here.”

The Diary of a Future President actor revealed that his mom had actually read the original book series to him and his brother growing up, so he made sure to reread the series while on set.

“Obviously reading the books was the first step into my preparation, and then after that I watched a lot of sword fighting movies because I knew Luke was a skilled swordsman,” Charlie recalled, also revealing that he did an internet “deep dive” into his character.

Along with Luke’s infamous face scar and the iconic orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, the young actor revealed one surprising thing that helped him get into character.

“My go-to song for Luke was Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act 2, I think is what it is,” he revealed. “Yeah, no, I mean you have to listen to it, but I don’t know. I feel like it just really got me in the mindset for Luke.”

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PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS – “Episode 102” (Disney/David Bukach)
CHARLIE BUSHNELL Disney/David Bukach


As for meeting his TV dad Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Hermes in the Disney+ show, Charlie says it has yet to happen!

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet him,” he revealed. “Luke and Hermes don’t have any scenes together in book one at least, and I was really hoping that I was going to get to meet him at the premiere in New York, but I think he was sick. I think that’s why he couldn’t make it, so that’s too bad.”

He teased, “That’s exciting for the next season — or when that is confirmed to finally get to work with him.”

While he hasn’t met Lin as of now, Charlie did reveal that the Hamilton creator has been nothing but supportive since the show premiered in December 2023.

“We definitely have this funny, kind of, online banter going on,” he said. “He actually, he texted me after he saw the first couple of episodes and he sent me the nicest message and just how much him and his family are enjoying the show, and he’s so great. So I can’t wait to meet him in person, finally.” Same!

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