Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez collaborated on the track “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and now their words have become reality. Charlie hung out with Dan Wooten on his podcast called Bizarre Life and the singer was really an open book. He talked about dissing Justin Bieber and how his relationship, or friendship I should say, with Selena has completely fizzled out. So yes, very sad day over here. There were even rumors that Charlie and Selena had a romantic connection when this was all going down but she has vehemently denied those claims. Now, Charlie is letting everyone know where they stand now.

He said, “I was friends with her. I haven’t talked to her recently, I know she just went through that kidney transplant. That must be grueling. I haven’t talked to her in a really long time but she seems very happy. I just want her to be very, very happy.” While that’s super sweet of him, we have no idea when or why they don’t talk anymore. Of course, there’s no bad blood but it’d be interesting to see what really went down.

While Charlie spilled the Selena beans, he wasn’t too keen on confirming or denying his rumored relationship with Danielle Campbell. You know, Louis Tomlinson’s ex-girlfriend. He said, “My whole thing is, I had such trouble when everything landed in the public even when I didn’t want it to and there were times I was like, ‘Oh I’m with this person, that’s kind of cool’ because this whole fame thing is so brand new to me, and it never ended well.” Looks like his lips are sealed.

Beyond that, fans will just have to accept the fact that Charlie and Selena’s friendship just isn’t where it used to be. We’ll just be over here remembering the good old days when she would post Snapchats of the pair singing together in the backseat of a car. #NOSTALGIA.

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