Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been spending so much time together recently but reports also surfaced that her friends and family are super skeptical about the possibility of a rekindled relationship. They have a right to be. Jelena’s on and off romance over the last several years hasn’t always been the best. It’s been rocky and really effing tough at times. Not to mention all of the cheating rumors. However, finally, it seems like the Biebs may be shedding his old ways and really trying to prove to Sel that he has what it takes to be the guy she was always looking for.

Of course, this is just merely our own speculation and observing but Justin was photographed talking to a mystery woman outside of the Montage Beverly Hills. He looked super cute. Some of the buttons of his shirt were undone. He was smiling – who are we kidding, he looked hot AF. But, he wasn’t acting as flirty as he has in the past with mystery girls who so happen to be photographed with him.

Really though, Justin’s hands are folded together in front of him. He stands at a good distance away from the girl and he looks kind of uncomfortable. The reason being is he probably knows he’s being photographed with her so he doesn’t want to make it seem like anything more than it really is. And what it really is, is nothing. His body language shows that he is keeping the distance, that he doesn’t want to touch this girl even for a handshake and that he’s proving he can be a stand-up guy.

The girl is also dressed in all black and looks v professional. It looks like she’s even holding some kind of walkie-talkie in her hands. The whole situation seems like Justin is waiting for someone or something, possibly his car. This girl literally could be the one helping facilitate that. It’s all so innocent yet so clear that Justin doesn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea – especially Selena. The last thing he needs are photos to come out of him standing too close to some rando. Props to Justin on this one. He handled himself like a true boyfriend and we’re totally loving the vibe. JELENA FOREVER. Okay, I’m done.

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