Justin Bieber gets really, really bored sometimes and always lets his 91.8 Instagram followers know. But, yesterday, he took things to a whole new level. The “Sorry” singer legitimately had a conversation with himself and went all out with it. He changed his voice as he was trying to be two different people, he changed the filter and referred to an unknown mystery woman that literally wouldn’t let him out of the house. If you think this sounds like a crazy dream, it very well could be but you’re wrong.

Watch the video and check out what exactly Justin says to himself while having a conversation with himself on Instagram.

L.O.L. Justin, what are you doing?? Like we said, he’s clearly not afraid to laugh at himself. If fans watch the video above closely, you’ll see that at the end of his conversation with himself he almost can’t hold in the laughter. This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous but we can’t stop watching and it’s not just because he’s the heartthrob that he is. It’s because he is genuinely funny and would probably make us laugh if we ever hung out with him IRL.

But, seriously, who is Marge? That is the question to end all questions because Marge sounds like a total downer. Let the Biebs out of the house, Marge! Come on, now.

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