Justin Bieber is known to have some pretty famous friends, but we had no idea how close he actually was with One Direction member Niall Horan. Of course, they’ve hung out before and fans have been able to catch a glimpse of them jamming out together on social media. However, just recently, the heartthrobs were hanging out and Justin totally made fun of Niall on Instagram. You know those friends you have where you can poke fun at each other all day long and you know it’s never serious? That is definitely what kind of relationship Justin and Niall have and we’re loving it.

It all started when Justin put a photo of himself on Instagram and it was a bit weird. No one thought twice about it, though, considering a number of strange selfies the Biebs throws up on the ‘gram each week. This aforementioned photo was a close-up shot of Justin’s face with no caption. Like, okay, we might be eye-rolling over here, but no one was confused when it came up on their timelines. It was typical Bieber behavior. He was probably just bored – or something.

Beliebers were expecting him to post a few more pictures where you can see straight up his nostrils like most of the other times this has happened. But he threw us all for a loop and posted a close-up photo of Nialler. Lol, what the… Literally, so random and again, the Biebs thought no caption was necessary on this one. It seems like the photo of Niall was taken from his Flicker album cover art and zoomed in really, really closely. To be honest, we can totally see JB laughing at this. Lately, he’s been in total dad mode and cracking up at his own jokes has been at the top of the list.

L.O.L. At first, we thought this was kind of random, but Nialler actually appeared on Justin’s Instagram story a little while later, proving that they are good pals and love acting goofy together. In the video, Niall is laughing and trying to cover Justin’s camera lens with his hand. But, JB got him and the video seriously gave us all the feels. There is no telling what they were doing together.

However, Nialler can attest to the fact that Justin really is an awesome guy despite the bad reputation he’s gotten in the past. The “Too Much To Ask” singer was a guest editor on the Bizarre Life and opened up about a lot of things, namely his friendship with the Biebs. He said, “love that fella. He’s mad, brilliant. He’s a different man completely. It’s unbelievable. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t do anything else, he’s in good shape, keeps himself to himself with a smaller group of mates and gives me a shout every time he wants to play golf. Fair play to him, I think he’s done a great job of turning it around. We kind of grew up together.”

Okay, our hearts are melting. Leave it to Niall to set the record straight and stand up for one of his friends. Take. That. Haters.

Watch the video below and check out Justin Bieber getting all up in Niall Horan’s face!

UGH. They are everything. Their friendship is everything and we want to third wheel, like, right now. For some reason, we feel like our invite to this hangout sesh got lost in the mail. Or maybe Justin totally lost service when he was about to text us. Regardless, Niall and Justin are clearly super close and we shouldn’t let the fact that they both have a past with Selena Gomez have us thinking they aren’t friends.

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