Calling all CNCO fans —  get ready because the boyband just revealed all the behind-the-scenes secrets about their recently released EP Que Quienes Somos. Yep, that’s right, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Joel Pimentel and Zabdiel De Jesús spilled all their musical tea when talking exclusively to J-14.

Que Quienes Somos is who we are,” the boys gushed. “We spent almost two months in the studio with a lot of writers and producers and just writing a lot of songs. We wrote maybe 20 songs and from those we selected 7 for the EP and they fit our new vibe. [This is] the vibe that we wanted to experiment with, and we loved it. We gave a little ballad; we gave a little bit of other types of genres in the whole thing. Everyone’s really liking it and we’re really, really happy with that.”

When it came to the band’s favorite song, they all agreed on one.

“We have one that’s very special to us, it’s called Tóxica,” they revealed. “It’s more like a heartbreak, love song about all these things that we’ve been through.”

CNCO Spill On The Inspiration Behind Their Songs
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As for going from 20 songs to only seven, CNCO said there were a lot of difficulties when deciding which songs would ultimately make it on the EP.

“It’s crazy because all the songs for us have a great feeling and flavor,” they explained. “We all wrote them, so it was hard to pick and choose them, but we saw these as the ones we wanted to present first as an introduction to what we’re about to come up with. It felt good to have many options that we could play around with and to have in the songbook.”

The five-piece boyband even has some new music on the way and are looking to hit the road for an epic world tour in 2020!

“We’ve been in the studio and we’re about to hit the studio through December for a week or two and work on the next album,” the boys said. “We’re trying to come out with a new album next year and a few new songs and collaborations. We’re coming out with a tour too. It’s going to be hot. We want to hit Australia, Dubai, Japan. We want to go everywhere again and visit wherever we haven’t touched. We want to be bigger and better.”

Get ready because it looks like CNCO is about to skyrocket straight to stardom next year!

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