Ever wonder if there’s arguments between the members of CNCO? With five boys together all the time, there’s bound to be some rifts, right? Well, recently J-14 got all the tea when chatting with Erick Brian ColónChristopher VélezRichard CamachoJoel Pimentel and Zabdiel De Jesús to talk all things about the band’s dynamic.

“We argue about everything, but it’s normal,” they admitted. “At the end of the day it’s like brothers, we’re like family. We don’t argue to fight we argue to resolve things and it’s 5 different mindsets and it’s hard to come down to a conclusion.”

When remembering one specific disagreement, the boys recounted the one time where a girl came between the band. Don’t worry fans, no big fight came from this specific moment. It was all resolved and the band can even laugh about it now.

“We had a moment one time,” they remembered when telling the story. “It was [between] Richard, Chris and Joel. We had a moment about a girl in London. It was the same girl and we were all dancing with her, but it’s normal between brothers.”

CNCO wasn’t always this close. In fact, before 2015 they didn’t even know each other! For those who don’t know, the band was formed by Simon Cowell on the first season of singing competition series La Banda. After competing as solo artists, the group was ultimately created when Erick, Christopher, Richard, Joel and Zabidel were the last contestants. Now that they’ve spent almost four years together, the band is closer-than-ever.

“Now we understand each other, and we know when not to overstep or if someone needs space,” they said. “This year has really helped us with that, we really accomplished that and it’s why next year is going to be great for us because we’re very focused and we already know where we want to go.”

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