Last night, the Riverdale cast stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon because, in case you haven’t heard, the late night talk show host is a huge fan of The CW drama. Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, K.J. Apa and Madelaine Petsch were all in attendance – we’re talkin’ the whole squad. During their appearance, Jimmy brought up the fact that he grew up reading the Archie Comics. And being totally honest, he admitted that he was not exactly sure how the cartoon characters from his childhood would translate into actors on screen. Jughead specifically, was a character he was wondering about. How would they make it work? Would Cole wear the comic character’s infamous crown? Cole explained how they decided on turning the cartoon crown into the now iconic beanie, and we found out a surprising behind-the-scenes secret in the process.

“We didn’t know. I guess I had asked [about the crown] pretty early on, and they didn’t have a solid idea,” Cole revealed.

You see, they had to make Cole’s wardrobe a little more modern and realistic. So Cole’s Riverdale character’s headwear is a beanie, rather than a legit crown. Makes sense.

“I actually have the crown here. I brought it for you,” Cole told Jimmy. “It’s more like a beanie. Could you put it on?”

And so, he did – but before Jimmy did the honors, the whole cast essentially jumped down Jimmy’s throat warning him not to smell it. Why? Well, there’s only one. In other words, it has acquired an odd scent over time. Who would’ve thought?

riverdale on jimmy fallon

Cole previously mentioned to a fan on Reddit how his beanie collection dwindled down to just one. Turns out, he had two – but one got stolen. The headwear you see in most of Season 1 is the same one you’ll see in Season 2.

“Same one, still smells like Mane and Tail. We did get another one at the end of last season, but it was stolen when I placed it on a lunch table in the scene where Cheryl slapped Jughead. Liked that one too, had longer prongs,” Cole said.

The craziest part is that he predicted that he’d lose it too! Before losing the spare hat, Cole confessed in an interview, “The truth is we have two of those beanies, but it’s a really nerve-wracking thing because I lose just about everything! I have to make sure that I give it to one of the wardrobe ladies after every single take because I’m so convinced that I will lose it if it’s not sitting on top of my head.”

So there you have it – Cole has to deal with one, smelly beanie throughout all of filming. Who would’ve thought?

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