Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart give us all the fictional couple goals on Riverdale. Yes, their characters Jughead and Betty’s romance is one of the show’s most special storylines that has truly united the fandom. Who doesn’t ship Bughead? In real life, these two are said to be dating, although we’re all out here still waiting for some solid proof from the pair themselves, besides an Instagram caption here or there that kind of, sort of hints they really are just oh so in love.

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But now, it appears Cole is letting us in on a little secret, that perhaps he and Lili’s love story actually began years ago when they were kids. WAS IT ALL MEANT TO BE? Well, maybe not the way he’s telling us but hey, we’re here for it. So basically, Cole took to his Instagram story to share a throwback photo of himself and his brother Dylan. Cole has been known to roast himself and his twin many times on social media, so when he stumbled upon an old photo he, of course, shared it for us all to have a good laugh.

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Just look at Cole and Dylan enjoying the breeze in their blonde locks, along with a girl. And this is where Lili comes into the story. Cole decided to zoom in on the pic and point out that this girl looks like a young Lili herself.

cole lili instagram story

So now we’re here wondering, can it be true? Did they meet once upon a time when they were kids, unaware of the fact that one day they would be co-stars and really (supposedly) fall in love off-screen too? Well, hate to be a dream crusher here, but no, it’s not Lili in the photo. Cole was just being funny and getting our hopes up. But, the identity of this mysterious young lady had been revealed. Her name is Anna-Laura and she took to Twitter to let everyone know that it’s her in the pic.

We would pretty excited too if we saw ourselves on Cole’s IG story! So how does she know the actor? She replied to someone who asked her and she happened to meet them once back when they were filming a jet ski scene for a movie.

That story just got even better for Anna-Laura. So while it’s not Lili in this photo, the fact that Cole wishes it was is literally the cutest, especially since it involved his Dylan and these two really are the best of friends along with you know, being brothers. At least that’s how we’re looking at this. Trying to find the romance here.

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