Here's the thing — the Riverdale fandom is pretty huge. And the fans who are part of it are seriously dedicated. But as passionate as all of those fans are, nobody's a bigger fan than Betty's mom herself. And we're not talking about Alice Cooper or the actress behind her, Mädchen Amick. We're talking about Lili Reinhart's real mom, Amy Reinhart.

If you don't already know Amy Reinhart, well, it's time to get to know her — because if you want to be part of the Riverdale fandom, you've got to keep up with the Queen herself. Amy doesn't just watch the show like any good mom should, she also tweets about it, and retweets about it, and Instagrams about it, and shares all kinds of fan art all over her social media. Basically, she's a stan — and your fave could never.

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When you see this at the movies! #soweird

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And, of course, Amy's been stanning for way longer than you have. It helps that she knew about the show before pretty much anyone else, of course, but she's also been sharing behind-the-scenes sneak peeks since way before the first episode even aired. Back in October, she Instagrammed a shot of Betty and Archie on set, in November she helped Lili formally introduce the world to her character, and in December she teased the airdate as a reminder for fans.

And on Twitter, she's been retweeting every awards show win, awards show vote, and breaking news Riverdale has to offer. And she's been retweeting fans, too — like this hilarious tweet about Lili and Camila's "song."

She's not just there for Lili, she also supports the rest of her castmates, sharing info about their Facebook Live Q&As, comics about their characters, everything. Plus, based on her retweeting of this tweet, she's totally here for Bughead.

Amy is so legendary that she doesn't just retweet fan art of Riverdale — she also inspires fan art herself. Just check out a drawing a fan did of her and two of her daughters.

It's official, guys, Lili's mom Amy isn't just a stan — she also has her own stans! In fact, we're pretty sure that some members of the Riverdale fandom even prefer Amy to Lili herself. And with her hilarious Twitter, who could blame them?

It's hard not to love Amy. After all, she offers amazing advice like, "Have fun today! Smile! Dont say the F word!" and always knows just when to check in.

But our very favorite thing about Mama Reinhart just might be how incredibly funny she is. Not only does she know exactly how to tease her daughters, and when to carefully avoid crushing their dreams by avoiding the question entirely…

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She's also just the very best mom around. And Lili wants everyone to know it, writing, "My mom is the reason why my dreams came true. She is the most giving person I have ever known — dedicating her whole life to helping others. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life as not only my mom, but as my best friend."

Keep on stanning, Mama Reinhart — and we'll keep stanning for you.

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