Can you believe it’s been 12 years since the last episode of Suite Life on Deck aired? In case you’ve been missing Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse sharing the screen together, feat not! While Cole revealed that they aren’t opposed to reuniting on television again, they do have several conditions.

Keep reading to find out if Sprouse twins are hitting the screens soon. 

Are Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse Having a TV Reunion?

The former Riverdale actor sat down with Men’s Health on February 19, 2024, where he revealed whether the brothers would be open to working together again. Cole then revealed that the twins have talked about it.

“Yeah, we actually have. It’s not off the table,” the Lisa Frankenstein actor admitted. However, he did note that there is some limitations to the type of projects they’d work on.

“But a lot of the stuff that’s twin-y is pretty lame; the twin thing can become a circus act if it’s not done well. And honestly, most of the time when it is done well, it’s usually one actor trying to show off by playing both twins.”

Cole did insist that it would be great for them to act in something they both have a passion for. He added, “it’s just about finding something that’s cool and interesting and that actually plays with the twin idea a little deeper.”

What Has Dylan Sprouse Said About Working With Cole Sprouse Again?

For his part, Dylan has shared very similar sentiments as his brother in the past —  as the After We Collided actor made almost the exact remark to E! News in February 2024.

“I mean the thing is there’s just not many opportunities for good twin roles that aren’t taken by a single actor trying their hand at playing two people,” Dylan shared. “So I feel like if we did do something together, we would have to make it, which is definitely not off the table.”

Dylan further divulged that the two had “talked” about collaborating on an original idea in the past. “We want to make sure that it’s really good. I think there’s an expectation now that’s been so many years, so if we want to make it really tight.”

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