Lisa Frankenstein is the zom-com we didn’t know we needed. We sat down with the talented stars of the movie, Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, who gushed over J-14 Magazine (*faints*), their “talented” worm costar and which PG-13 item Kathryn is convinced Cole took from set. Keep reading for our exclusive interview!

“I love J-14. I used to look at magazines of J-14 that you [Cole] were in, so I always wanted to be in it. So it’s cool that we’re in it,” Kathryn gushed to J-14 exclusively, before joking that Cole got on the cover “eventually.”

“[It was] probably Dylan [Sprouse],” Cole laughed. “He took home all the Kids’ Choice Awards.”

The two actors play Lisa and “creature” in the romantic-slash-horror-slash-comedy film, an ’80s twist on the classic Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley. In the film, Kathryn’s character revives Cole’s character from the dead — leading to an outrageous murdering spree and a *lot* of gross, moving “parts” — including one “talented” worm.

“I wasn’t grossed out by the worm,” Kathryn proudly revealed. “But then I saw like a picture of it, or a playback of it and just […] disgusting horror nightmares. But when you’re with it and it’s [on] your costar, you love it.”

“Yeah. I mean, it was a talented worm,” Cole joked. “Had just as many lines as I did.”

Another gnarly scene — which included a dismembering of a PG-13 body part which we won’t reveal here — was particularly hard to get through for Kathryn.

“In that scene I say a line, ‘You give it out like a cheese cube from Hickory Farms,'” she began, explaining that Henry Eikenberry, who plays Michael Trent, couldn’t quite keep it together after she said the line.

lisa frankenstein
Kathryn Newton stars as Lisa Swallows and Cole Sprouse as The Creature in LISA FRANKENSTEIN, a Focus Features release.
Credit: Michele K. Short / © 2024 FOCUS FEATURES LLC Focus Features
“He couldn’t stop laughing, so if you watch this scene, notice him just like this, looking down. He couldn’t make eye contact and it was one of the best days ever,” she exclaimed. “We were all in the scene together and Liza Soberano, queen, she’s just bawling, crying every single take. Consummate professional, and me and Henry are just never going to work again.”

“I can’t believe we got a movie out of how much fun we had,” she added.

As for the “prop” for that scene — Cole suspiciously reveals it’s “lost completely.”

However, Kathryn has some ideas where it might have gone, as she jokingly asked Cole: “Where do you keep it? In your kitchen?”

“No, but it’s completely lost. Someone stole it. Someone made a targeted attack and said, this is the thing I’m taking,” Cole insisted, before mysteriously adding: “They had to smuggle it out, probably, in quite a large box.”

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