Desperate, dreamy and emotional. Those are all of the words that Cravity uses to describe their newest mini-album, Love or Die, which premiered on February 26, 2024. J-14 sat down with the K-pop boy group, where we spoke about their new album, how involved they were in the production process and so much more. Keep reading for our exclusive interview.

“I guess this ‘Love or Dive’ concept is kind of, very dreamy, very emotional,” Cravity’s Allen tells J-14 exclusively. “But the songs BPM is kind of fast, so it really comes out really, very desperate. And the choreography is kind of fast too. So it was really fun while practicing this.”

“Choosing between to Love or to Die is such an intense expression,” he said of the song’s meaning. “So, we really want our fans to know how serious we are when it comes to love, when it comes to loving you guys.”

Along with the album’s lead track “Love or Die,” the 9-member band also has five other brand new songs for fans to listen to. One of those songs, “Over and Over,” Allen helped to produce and direct — which Minhee said was one of his favorite parts about preparing for their comeback.

As for how involved the members of Cravity are when it comes to their music, Allen says the band plays “quite an important role in putting the whole thing together.”

“We play an important role as the players. So, we worked together with Starship, with our company, so they sort of plan everything and then we were the ones to execute everything,” he began. “Ultimately in the end, this album is our album. And so we would want to make it as perfect as possible for our fans, Luvity, to enjoy and just for non-fans to enjoy as well so that they may become Luvity.”

When it comes to becoming a fan of the band, Serim explained where fans should begin on their Luvity journey.



♬ Better Place (Family Harmony) – Justin Timberlake & Eric Andre & Daveed Diggs & Kid Cudi & Troye Sivan & Anna Kendrick & Camila Cabello

“Shying away from our music, he also wants to recommend our variety shows or reality show appearances, and how we’re all really funny people,” Allen translates for Serim. “We’re a very fun group, so it kind of has a different side to us as when we are in the game in our zone, doing our music and compared in contrast to when we’re more casual and just goofing around with each other.”

And do any of the members watch the TikTok videos that Luvity makes?

“Monitoring? Yeah, of course. We really watch all our Luvity’s TikTok,” Taeyoung revealed. “We don’t comment [on] it, but we are really looking [at] our fans [posts] and the funny things they make are really good to see.”

Allen also gave an example of one of his favorite TikToks that fans have made of the members.

“Yeah, there’s this one that blew up where it’s like, Serim was trying to crack an egg with his biceps and then the egg flew on Jungmo‘s head. I think that clip was really hot on TikTok at one time,” he laughed, before Taeyoung added that he loves “Cravity-core” videos.

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