K-pop group CRAVITY has nothing but love for their fans! Band members Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung and Seongmin spoke with J-14 exclusively about how their LUVITY fanbase is a huge inspiration when it comes to making new music.

The nine-member group gushed over LUVITY, and Taeyoung revealed that they’re “always” helping to inspire upcoming songs. “We try to talk along with our company,” Allen explained when asked about the band’s creative process. “We just share our ideas and they do their thing, and we try our best.”

As for growing their fanbase and appealing to new listeners, Woobin said that Twitter has been instrumental in helping them make the biggest impact in the music world. He noted that all “social media” allows them to keep in touch with their biggest supporters, especially the K-pop Universe app, which puts fans directly in touch with the group.

“We communicate with private messages on Universe,” Jungmo shared. Taeyoung added, “I post a short video on TikTok so we can share it,” noting that “every platform is good.”

Aside from their fans, the musicians are also thankful for the K-pop genre as a whole and make it clear that the genre is “not going anywhere any time soon.”

“I think K-pop means the world to us, literally, because we have so many fans all around the world and they really mean everything to us. So, thank you,” Allen said. “I think music is a universal language that transcends borders. So, like, just the emotion that comes with K-pop music can be communicated really well to fans all over the world. I believe K-pop with its fashion, beauty, just culture in general, it’s really inviting and it’s inclusive in a way how many, many bands from all around the world love it so much. I’m really glad K-pop has this influence on a global scale.”

Taeyoung continued, “You know, like when you listen to K-pop, you don’t just listen. You [see] stages so you can enjoy it in your eyes and ears. So maybe that’s why K-pop is on a global scale.”

“There are different styles of music when it comes to K-pop,” Wonjin explained. “For example, you can hear hip-hop, something more mellow or funky. There can be as many varieties as possible in K-pop. That’s why I think it won’t go away.”

Together, the members of CRAVITY combine more than just one talent.

“We’re all pretty different, but I also feel like we’re all pretty well-rounded in singing, dancing, performing, acting, variety,” Allen said. “We have all of that in us. So please show us lots of love and attention.”

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