We can all agree that Cruel Summer has some … interesting relationships. But what about the cast’s offscreen relationships?!

Olivia Holt, who plays Kate in the series, has had a pretty long relationship history that includes a lot of cuties — from Taylor Lautner to Luke Benwad! But she’s currently in a relationship with musician Tony Ferrari. Back in March 2022, Olivia even starred in one of the singer’s music videos for “Tell Your Dog.”

Cruel Summer premiered on Freeform in April 2021 and tells the story of popular girl Kate after she goes missing in the 1990s, and someone else takes her place. The show is full of mystery, romance and tons of drama!

“I read the first two episodes before I got the part and I was just so drawn in,” Olivia shared with Collider in an interview in May 2021. “I was captivated by every single scene and all of the characters and how many layers there are to each character. I was drawn in from the first script and so grateful to be part of this show and this sort of storytelling because it is really unique.”

Chiara Aurelia, who plays Jeannette, a nerdy girl envious of Kate’s popular, also spoke with Collider shortly after the show’s release. “I think the most important relationship in the show is the relationship that you see the least, which is between Kate and Jeanette,” she said.

“We didn’t get the opportunity to work together too much, throughout the course of the series, but we spent a lot of time off screen, developing our dynamic and where we imagined our relationships would be and what that meant for us, which was super cool.”

Find out the cast’s relationship statuses in real life! Scroll through our gallery for breakdown of the Freeform stars’ love lives. 

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