Demi Lovato's mantra at the 2017 American Music Awards was to stand up to bullies and to raise awareness that it's still a very big issue across our nation. The songstress even brought Danica Roem as her date because of who she stands for and the struggles she has been through, as Danica is making history as the first openly transgender state legislator. On top of all of that, Demi performed her majorly successful track, "Sorry Not Sorry" as a way to hit back at all the haters out there. So, clearly, the one thing she is trying not to be is a hater or a bully herself. Oddly enough, Twitter doesn't think so. Demi is actually being accused of bullying the K-Pop boy band, BTS.

Some Twitter users have gone so far to actually make up fake quotes that Demi supposedly said on the AMAs red carpet about the boys. Let's get one thing straight, this is fake news. Demi did not bash the boy band and we don't think she ever would. Regardless of these completely fabricated tweets, let's take a look at some of them just so fans can see how ridiculous they really sound.

The craziest part about this first tweet is that Demi actually hadn't even arrived at the show yet it was "reported" that she already threw major shade in a pre-show interview. Clearly, the person who made up this quote had their timing off. "I think that this is the AMERICAN music awards, and we should only celebrate AMERICAN artists tonight. Is there even going to be a translator?” -Demi Lovato on #BTS performance at this year’s #AMAs #BTSxAMAs."

Literally, so bizarre and makes zero sense. Another tweet read, "At the end of the day, We celebrate American artists and I feel like #BTS doesn’t deserve the spotlight tonight. You know just a thought but” – Demi Lovato talking about #BTSAMAs in a recent interview #AMASXBTS #BTSARMY."

Not only are the quotes fake, but the photos that are used aren't even from the American Music Awards. We're not totally sure why anyone would make this up. It's really effing mean towards BTS and Demi. She was actually interviewed by Jessie James Decker when she first arrived at the event with Danica by her side. Demi was nothing but respectful and eloquent. Oh yeah, and BTS wasn't mentioned at all. The former Disney Channel star has yet to make a statement regarding the fake quotes. We're not sure if she will, either. Hopefully, everyone just realizes this is seriously insane.

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