If you’ve been a loyal Demi Lovato fan since her early Disney Channel days on As The Bell Rings and Camp Rock, then you know her early music is filled with some solid jams. She’s currently slaying the music world with her new single “Sorry Not Sorry,” but early Demi tunes are forever of her best and she’s not afraid to take us down memory lane.

While promoting her revenge-filed, dance-heavy new song, Demi is heading out on the Sorry Not Sorry House Party Tour, throwing giant house parties in seven cities where tons of fans ge to come and hang out while Demi sings in an up close and personal set.

She kicked off the first show in Boston and she ended up singing “Don’t Forget” from her debut album of the same name. Demi’s vocals simply slay your soul as she sings one of her earliest fan favorites with just an acoustic guitar.

Legit have major chills right now.

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much this means. Now, this song was released back in 2008, nearly a decade ago. (Yes, it’s been that long since she released her first album and we’re crying too.) Demi co-wrote the heartbreaking beautiful song with none other than the JoBros themselves, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. She collaborated with the guys on a ton of the songs from her first album, but “Don’t Forget” has always been a special one for the fandom.

demi lovato don't forget music video

The lyrics are some of her most meaningful and considering she was only around 16 years old when she wrote and recorded this says a whole lot. Some of the highlights from that record:

“Did you forget

That I was even alive

Did you forget

Everything we ever had

Did you forget

Did you forget

About me

But somewhere we went wrong

We were once so strong

Our love is like a song

You can’t forget it”

THE EMOTION THOUGH. She later shared the inspiration behind this song was none other than a heartbreak.

“Everyone goes through the experience of falling in love, but then the other person just walks away, and goes somewhere else. I went through an experience like that and wanted to write about it. I got over it, and now a year later I don’t have those feelings about that person anymore,” Demi explained in an interview. “I was more pissed. I was so mad at the person. It’s like, there was a situation where you think it’s perfect, and all of a sudden he’s in a relationship three days later with someone you know. It was definitely a heartbreak.”

Ouch, no wonder she really tapped into that emotion! Whoever this guy was that broke Demi’s heart really inspired done of her best tunes which for sure helped the pave the way for her recent emotional songs like “Stone Cold.”

But another layer to keep in mind is that Demi later revealed once she completed treatment in a rehab facility during this time in her life, she was suffering from emotional issues, bulimia and self-harm. Knowing she was in such a dark place as well regardless of some guy breaking her heart makes you tear up even more hearing this song now, all these years alter. She’s brave enough to still revisits these songs from a much darker place in her life and sing them like the champ she is. And that’s why Demi is a warrior.

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