Demi Lovato has been on a body positivity kick lately and we all need to start taking notes. It's safe to say I've been following the former Disney Channel actress since her days on Barney and Friends and know that she hasn't had things come easy. Even if you haven't been such an avid fan, Demi's documentary titled, Simply Complicated shows just how bad things got for her. Between battling an addiction to drugs and struggling to combat an eating disorder, Demi's perspective on her body and weight hasn't always been a good one. I think so many young girls and teens can relate to this, which is why it's super important that we start listening to her change of heart. If the songstress can alter her mindset with everything else she has going on, so can everyone else who is going through the same thing.

Demi actually caught my attention with this whole thing when she posted a photo of herself on the beach in a bathing suit. Totally normal, right? It should have been, BUT she was so nervous to put it up because of the way she thought her legs looked in the picture. It's honestly crazy the way our society has molded us into thinking that a thigh gap is what we should hold our beauty standards to. Do young girls realize that in order to even have a thigh gap, that requires laying off the best things in life and might even lead to dangerous behavior? Literally, WHY would you want to deprive yourself of something you love just to look like some Instagram model? And let's be honest, how real even are those pics anyway?

And the mantra of halting this deprivation process is what Demi is all about right now and I want to hug her for it. FINALLY, she's telling young girls that it's okay if they want that piece of cake, or that cheeseburger or that double stuffed oreo. It's effing OKAY. But, she didn't say it quite like that. She said it in a super real way that had me feeling like I knew exactly what she was talking about. Like I had been there before, too. Demi tweeted, "Feeling gross today at a photo shoot but I’m choosing to accept what I see because I love myself for who I am and your love and support gets me through moments like this. ?? if you’re struggling as well, don’t forget.. if I can do it, you can too!"

She wrote a follow up tweet saying, "No longer depriving myself of treats (in moderation) and I’m not gonna lie, I put on a couple lbs since I’ve given up dieting BUT I’ve given up the chronic stress of what I eat because I don’t want to set that example for my fans. No more food shaming myself!!"

Her message is truly inspiring not just for people who may feel the same but for everyone else out there too. It's really a life lesson coming from someone that has hated their body for years. It's coming from a person that has shamed herself for eating too much or this or that. Demi has come full circle and I think it's really cool that she's sharing this intimate part of her psyche with her fans. Just because she's got the killer vocals, celebrity life and the money to buy materialistic items, that doesn't change her insecurities. And I think we need to talk about this more because everyone has insecurities. It really shouldn't be this hush hush kind of taboo topic.

Demi really nailed it with the tweets, though, which why I felt like this story needed to be written. She's sending a message that we could all benefit from hearing right now and it's even better that it's coming from her. So, you go girl. Keep this kick in high gear cause I, for sure, am not ready to see it go. Post those bathing suit pics. Hell, even post a pic of the treat you didn't deprive yourself of. I know I'm waiting for it and I have a feeling Lovatics will go crazy for it – in a good way.

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