Aside from being an insanely talented singer, Demi Lovato is pretty much an open book with her fans. The “Tell Me You Love Me” singer doesn’t shy away from discussing all of her personal struggles, which she’s dealt with over the last couple of years, and is constantly reminding the fandom to be happy with who they are by posting tons of body positive posts on social media.

One other thing the singer is doing is getting ready to head out on tour to promote her new album. In a new interview, the singer discussed her excitement about heading out on the road and revealed that she has one song in particular that she’s about ready to stop singing all together. Though spoiler alert! Demi won’t stop singing it anytime soon because her fans love it so much. She said, “I think the one I’m really ready to retire but I’m not going to is ‘Heart Attack.’ I’m not going to because I know a lot of people love that song and it was a big song for my career, so I’m definitely keeping it. But I think I’m ready to retire it a little bit.”

Despite being ready to say goodbye to that song, one she hopes she’ll never get tired of singing or hear fans request is “Skyscraper.” Demi continued to say, “My biggest wish for this song is that it's able to inspire others and urge them to keep moving forward no matter what the odds.”

If there’s one thing both she and her music can do, it’s definitely that. Demi’s journey has undoubtedly served as inspiration to hundreds of other people dealing with similar issues, and her honesty will continue to help others as well. As sad as it is so hear she’s ready to say goodbye to one song, the silver lining is that she won’t because it means so much to her Lovatics.

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